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November 12, 2007
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FX-004SB "Dixen Mk.II" by SPARTAN-251 FX-004SB "Dixen Mk.II" by SPARTAN-251
Heres my newest creation, based on my favorite Mobile suit of any game, anime, and magna, the FX-004S "Dixen" from the Choukou Senki Kikaioh game (Or Tech Romancer in the english version)


Model number: FX-004SB
Code name: Dixen Mk. II
Unit type: All Terrain Multipurpose Fighter/Attacker Experimental Mobile Suit
Designer: Unknown
Manufacturer: Unknown
Operator: Kazuma and (Me) ^_^
First deployment: Unknown
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso.
Cockpit Pic: [link]
Dimensions: overall height 18.00 meters
Weight: max gross weight 46.94 metric tons
Construction: Composite Alloys; Teridium Alloy; and Anti-beam coating
Powerplant: Ultracompact High-Energy Fission Reactor, power output rating unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors range unknown; mounted maneuvering jets for space flight and Atmosphere; HiMAT System; Magnetic-coated joints; N-Jammer Canceller; HRHD All-Spectrum scope for back cannons and main screens, x2-x50 zoom for Back cannons and Beam Rifle; ‘Smart’ Interactive Artificial Intelligence ‘Mandalore’; and a Moveable Frame.
Fixed armaments: 2x 15.0mm CIWS, fire-lined, mounted in head; 2x “Thanatos” Variable Hyper Impulse Cannon, 530mm-12m, mounted on back; 4x MA-M02 “Zeus” Beam Sabers, mounted in forearm compartment, Light blue blade; 4x “Shooting Stars” ADMM Launchers, holds 1920 missiles total; x2 “Claymore” foldable double-edge 12.53 meter Anti-ship Beam Sword, can be combined to make a double blade, mounted in Forearms, 1x “Apollo” 125mm Multi-Phase Energy Cannon; and x2 M7X9 “Eridanus” Beam Shield, mount on right and left arm.
Optional Fixed armaments: x2 “Canopus” High-Energy Beam Assault Rifles, Can be combined to make a Hyper Impulse Cannon and both have three modes of fire, single, three-round burst and fully automatic.
Remote Weapons: x6 AXGJ-3Z Super DRAGOON Funnels, mounts 3x MA-78U beam assault cannon each, can create a Beam Barrier that can absorb ANY beam weapon fired into it and fire the shot right back at the attacker.
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Man, I remember that game. I played exclusively with the Dixen for ages...
SWEET deal, dude. i'm lovin' the extended and detailed bio dealie to go with it as well. i take it you've played the armored core series.

the whole oversized, agile, man-operated robot with extreme weaponry concept is easy to get into.
Thank you and Yes, I have played the Armored Core series.
How did you do this one? It looks awesome!!!
Well, first i had to find a picture of the FX-004S "Dixen", which was really difficult since its an old game. After i found the picture, i copied it and pasted in into ms paint along with other parts i wanted for the suit.

Once that was done, i started removing the parts i didn't want and then put the ons i did wan on the suit, basiclly added a second shoulder cannon and switched the arms out.

Then the long parts, outlining the thing and then repainting it. Once that was done, all i had to do is shade and clean up the picture.
Cool! Pageviews of my proflie are close 1000!!!
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